A Work at Home Success Story – Find Out How a Seventy Year Old Earned Millions

Have you heard of people who have revealed their work at home success? If you have not, you should try listening to their success stories. Their stories are very encouraging. I am an entrepreneur online and it has become my daily habit to check on the latest work at home success stories every morning before I start working.

Today, I found one success story that really touched my heart. I could not help but write an article about it. I want to share with you how success can be earned at home and how with patience, discipline and determination, you can achieve your goals in life.

The blog that I read today was about a retiree who did not expect that the peak of his career would actually happen after he retires. Age is not really a hindrance to success. Who would have thought that Rocky would earn his first million dollars at 70 years old.

Rocky was a disciplined and very humble employee who worked in a school. He had been a janitor all his life. Cleaning the school had been his career for years and he never found any other career other than that one. He found delight in assisting students in the canteen every time they spilt their food or drinks on the floor. He never asked for anything more than what he was due, maybe because he had no children and family to support.

He was a contented man who diligently worked his chores daily. He was very rarely absent. The school treated him like family. The year came when he had to retire. The school was sad to let him go but it was his time to retire.

Rocky had to wait for his pension so he thought of looking for a supplemental job while he was waiting. In his search, he found out that it was hard for him to find a physical job because of his age so he searched for other careers. It was through his search that he found out about online jobs.

He registered as an affiliate marketer with one of the biggest marketing companies online. He started selling videos which provided cleaning sessions in peoples homes and also business establishments. He did not know how to do promotions at first but through time he learned. He decide to make his own promotional web page. In that page, he wrote short articles about his experiences and related his services to his customers.

In just a month, these videos were sold to hundreds of establishments. He did not expect that his promotional tips would be so popular. Sales came to him easily every week.

This year, Rocky turned 70 and has been running his online business for ten years now. Yearly, he earns millions. He did not expect this big break in his career. Since Rocky has no family obligations, he gives donations to several charities. He has never been more fulfilled both personally and professionally.

You can be just like Rocky. There are still so many ways to be successful while working at home. As I have stated above, daily I read work at home success stories and I see how it has helped many others.

Once you have an online site, you search for an affiliate store and select a product of your choice. Remember to choose a product of your interest so you will find it easy to sell. It will also be easier for you to convince buyers of its value.

Do not forget your promotional page. Now that you already have an idea on how to get an affiliate marketing job, you can go and try it now.