Advantages And Disadvantages Of Day Care Centres

Many years back, only men went out to work in order to support their families. Nowadays, women are more economically empowered. They are equally successful and professional. However, women may be held back from being fully productive at work once they have newborns and older children to take care of. For this reason, some women may decide to quit their jobs in order to stay at home and take care of their children. Lucky mothers may get an opportunity to work from home while looking after their children.

Day care centres are a blessing to many professional mums as they no longer have to stay home and take care of their children. A child care centre is a place where you can leave your child for a whole day without worrying as they are well taken care of by professionals. However, despite the advantages these facilities also come with a number of disadvantages.

Advantages of Child Care

Various advantages include:

– They are very affordable as compared to nannies that stay at home with your child. This enables you to save a lot of cash for the family’s future use. Apart from that, you will also get to meet other parents at the centres who might lend you support and baby-sitting time.

– These centres are more reliable as compared to nannies. They will still accept your child even when one care giver is unwell or is a little late, since there’s a team of care givers to chip in.

– Staff members of good centres are usually highly trained in early childhood education. They know how to deal with children of all ages. They also know how to nurture skills and talents they see in your child.

– Your child will learn a lot of new things at the centre. Children would be engaged in block building, vinyl writing, colouring, drawing, singing and many other activities which exercise their brains; hence, enabling your child to develop fast intellectually.

– Your child will get to socialize with other children. This is essential for healthy development.

– Good centres offer a formal and well-structured environment. This makes many parents feel comfortable when leaving their children at the centres. Inspections are carried out regularly to ensure that the centres comply with existing rules.

– Centres have clear rules for parents. The time for parents to drop-off and pick up their children is one such rule that must be followed.

Disadvantages of Child Care

Some disadvantages include:

– Your child is more likely to get infections like colds since he is more exposed to germs.

– You may end up paying a lot of money as a fine for late pick-ups.

Clearly, advantages of child care centres outweigh the disadvantages. This makes it easier for any parent to consider taking their children to child care. However, before settling on a particular centre to take your child, ensure that you do your research well and identify the best facility in your neighbourhood or near your place of work.