DIY | Graduation Flower Arrangements

DIY | Graduation Flower ArrangementsIn Philippines, May and June are the graduation season. The best way to celebrate your big day with Lei. Lei is actually a Hawaiian tradition but becoming popular whole over the world especially in Philippines. In this blog, we are discussing how you can make a Lei for your graduation flower arrangements.

Although you can buy your pre-made lei by choosing a florist, they can give flower delivery Philippines based on your demand. But you want to make your own lei then you can add some of your favorite flowers as like you want to add. You can choose lots of variations like Roses, Orchids, Daisies, carnations etc.

A fresh lei is very simple to make and needs these items:

1. A long embroidery needle which works perfectly

2. A thin string like ribbon, dental floss, fishing line etc

3. Your flower selection

How You Can Make Your Own Lei:

First, you need to buy 40-50 flowers which you like most. The petals are very important when making your own lei, so you just need to separate them in a cooler place on the top of the plastic bag. After that, you should cut off your thin string around 30-40 inches depending on what is your grad length. Once you cut your string the next thing you have to do is knot one end a few times so its working like a stopper when you thread your flowers. Also, you need to leave some knot to connect both ends of your lei. Then tie the other end of your string with the needle.

Now its the time to start adding flowers to your lei. Right before start stringing your flowers cut the stems off. Slowly move your flowers one by one using your needle. Once you have added all of your flowers, leave some extra string before cutting off the needle from the lei. Then tie both ends together and you will have an amazing grad lei.

Also, you can mix multiple leis and mix it up using various colored flowers based on your choice. If you have made your grad lei early but your grad will place some days later then you can store your lei in a plastic bag of your fridge especially in a vegetable crisper drawer.

Thats it! You have your perfect DIY grad lei for your graduation. You can either use it for your own grads life or you can gift this and celebrate with your friends together. And dont forget to buy your flowers from a reputed shop who deliver in different cities like Flower Delivery Manila, Quezon City, Makati etc.