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An institute sets and enforces rules governing the human behavior in any form or mechanism of certain order and cooperation. They are set for principal study of particular objects such as economics, political science, commerce, computer science, technology etc. It is an organization established to provide service to society, promoting a particular foundation or an agenda for education, welfare of public, social cause or charitable foundation.

As we know, earlier institutes were set in various fields to impart education and improve behavior patterns for the society. The various types of institutes are Educational institutes, Religion institutes, Research institutes, Medical institutes, Law and legal systems, Military and police force, Mass Media, NGO or charitable trust, Corporate and business field and many more.

Institutes can be classified into formal and informal. Formal ones are created by people and colleges, universities, etc come under them. As far as the informal ones are concerned, they are social institutes which offer informal education to the students and impart basic education as well.

The educational institutes in India provide the best form of higher education through various schools, colleges, business schools, universities, and other private organizations. Even universities provide distance degrees in all courses, which is professional and simple in understanding and learning. Many well known institutes such as IITs, IIMs are there in India which also includes research centers. There are many more education institutes in India which provide courses like law, medicine, mass media, military forces, commerce, engineering, accounting, and arts. College is also an educational institute, which provides under graduate and post graduate courses, professional courses, vocational course etc.

To unfold scientific mysteries and puzzles, research institutes play a very important role. There are top 30 research institutes in India which are actively involved in research operations. The Indian schools of technology offer research projects at domestic and international levels in under and post graduate courses. They also provide courses related to astronomy.

Medical Institutes in India offer a variety of courses for medicine which covers branches like medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, ayruveda, homeopathy, siddha and unani. Some special courses like ayruveda, homeopathy, and siddha are well practiced and taught in India. There are various colleges here with best infrastructure, reputation, academic inputs, placements, and perceptual rank which impart courses related to these.

If we try and look at the legal institutes set up in India and evaluate them, they are commonly built up in fields of law, finance, and growth literature, legal and financial systems. The military schools in India provide scholastic excellence in mental and physical activities besides improving qualities like discipline, self reliance, self confidence etc. It also improves rich leadership qualities and massive civic sense. There are main five military schools in India, which are located in Chali, Ajmer, Dholpur, Bangalore, and Belgaum.

Mass media institutes are playing an important role in blending up the different aspects of life worldwide today. The demand for mass communication courses among students has increased intensively. Mass media institutes in India provide courses to students related to advertising, animation, event management, TV production, marketing, corporate communication and journalism. Career in mass media is quite a hit these days as media is shrinking the world through its advance technology and innovative communication tools.

India has also successfully laid down a strong foundation in terms of first class business schools for students all over the world. The silicon city of India, Bangalore has emerged with one institute, GICE which encourages students to design corporate programs and deliver it to corporate people. The institute aims at enhancing the corporate management of students and enhances the career prospects in management studies as well.