Plan Now for an Exciting Future of Your Choice

Plan Now for an Exciting Future of Your Choice

In the caravan again sampling our new way of life of freedom, working at home wherever we chose that to be. My partner retires soon and then in October we will be off to our house in Spain, we are just waiting for the house to sell and away we will go.

How can we afford to life anywhere we choose, our lifestyle will be subsidized by a work at home business a type of online marketing where you are an affiliate for other company’s products.

The house is near the beach in a place called San Pedro del Pinitar at the top end of the Mar Menor, or inland sea. The inland sea is warm and shallow perfect for children to bathe safely.

Nearby is the sleepy village of Mojon where a line of cottages sit a few feet from the promenade and the clear waters lap the sandy beach below. This is one of my favorite beaches.

The airport of san Javier is a few miles away also the town of Santiago Ribera. Port Matheron is also extremely pretty and a little further south, it is sometimes shown on the TV program A Place in the Sun. It is a very picturesque port with some very expensive yachts in it, and some lovely bars and restaurants nearby.

Our summers will be spent in England, in our spacious caravan is by the fishing lakes designed by Richard Bellamy many years ago, where birds sing in the trees and enormous carp swim in the lakes.

If you would like to design your later years according to your plan, start now and build an online hobby business.

Affiliate marketing is the simplest form of online business. You direct customers to other company’s products, with no worry about payments delivery of customer service, they are all taken care of for you. You just direct traffic and get paid. What would your hobby business be about, what is your passion? Is it Golf, photography, football, weight-loss, healthy eating or something else. Now is the time to consider an interesting hobby business to subsidize your pension and give you an exciting interest in later years. There are companies in many niches looking for affiliate marketers.

To make your debut into this strange new world of internet marketing, a mentor will make the transition easier, less stressful and probably save you time and money. Make your learning curve easier. Plan your retirement and start your part-time business now, you can then retire early if you wish to. Who wants to work till their 70 unless it is something they love doing. Start now and plan the retirement of your dreams.

Books to whet your appetite:

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers

“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins – one of my favourite books.

“Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” by Jason Goldberg

“Building an Online Cash-Cow by Anthony Barlow – lots of good write-ups.

“Buying Property Abroad” Which Guide.