4 Kitchen Trends That We Discovered In 2018

4 Kitchen Trends That We Discovered In 2018There is no doubt that the world is evolving at a rapid pace, and this is no different in the kitchen. Over the last year we have seen how the modern kitchen has evolved; more people rely on technology and gadgets these days, yet for many the kitchen remains the heart of the home. Here we back at some of the biggest trends for kitchen from the start of 2018 to date. Continue reading “4 Kitchen Trends That We Discovered In 2018”

Tall Cabinets is no Tall Order with E-Kitchens

Update Your Kitchen With E-Kitchen Flat-Packs
E-kitchens is the quickest way to update your kitchen, or simply add a couple of new cupboards or cabinets. If you are looking to add a tall cabinet to your kitchen, award winning E-kitchens in Perth offer a quick, stylish and well-crafted product with a choice of over 500 colours and tones, ready to assemble. To add that free-standing pantry or broom cupboard, E-Kitchens have a range of tall cabinets that can be custom made to your specifications. Continue reading “Tall Cabinets is no Tall Order with E-Kitchens”

5 Helpful Tips With Updating Your Kitchen

The kitchen, as they say, is the heart of every home. If you want to improve this particular part of the house, the most important things you need to consider are functionality, convenience and style. When it comes to kitchen upgrades, you can make use of these five easy tips that can turn your outdated kitchen into a brand new space.
Consider updating your cabinet doors.
You can give your kitchen a makeover by painting, replacing or having customised cabinet doors. Depending on your preferences, the cost of upgrading your kitchen cabinet doors can range from a hundred dollars up to six dollar digits. Continue reading “5 Helpful Tips With Updating Your Kitchen”

The benefits of laminated kitchen doors

When it comes to understanding your kitchen and choosing the best way to decorate it, sometimes it can be useful to gain further insight into the material available to you. Understanding the options of material available to you could help you to identify what sort of kitchen you want to build. The right material can help you design a kitchen that will be easy to clean, or you show you something which would be built to last against all conditions.

Chances are if you have a modern kitchen already youll be familiar with the concept of laminated doors. Continue reading “The benefits of laminated kitchen doors”

How to Prepare for Your Modern Kitchen Renovations in Perth

Its an exciting time when the initial planning stage is over and your kitchen renovations are about to go ahead soon youll have a beautiful new kitchen! However, it can also be a little overwhelming when you need to prepare for the work to begin. To make the process as easy as possible, were sharing our top tips for managing your renovations.

Get an idea of the timeline
Make sure you ask specific questions around how long the renovations will realistically take to complete and what could get in the way of completion. Continue reading “How to Prepare for Your Modern Kitchen Renovations in Perth”

5 Kitchen Trends That Are Here to Stay

Whether youre looking to redecorate your kitchen or are ready for a full-blown remodel, youll want to ensure that the jobs done right and preferably in style! Any makeover, no matter how large or small, requires inspiration, which youre likely to receive from countless magazines, billboards, blogs, and your friends decorative touches. But how do you sift through all of these options and choose a style thats bound to stand the test of time? If youre ready to cut through the noise and make decisions that are sure to last, its time to familiarize yourself with the popular trends that many modern, quality kitchens embrace. Continue reading “5 Kitchen Trends That Are Here to Stay”

Go Home & Go Green: How to Minimize Waste in Your Kitchen

On a global scale, one third of the produce that we grow is thrown out, culminating in 1.3 billion tons of wasted food every year. After confronting themselves with these appallingly high numbers, most people gasp in disbelief, but then simply sigh and say, “Well, I personally dont throw out that much. I cant be part of the problem!”

But thats where most people are wrong. There are many ways both large and small in which all of us can help minimize food waste in our everyday lives. If youre serious about making a difference, one of the best ways of cutting down on food trash is attempting to go near-zero-waste in your kitchen. Continue reading “Go Home & Go Green: How to Minimize Waste in Your Kitchen”

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Benchtops

When renovating a kitchen, many homeowners concentrate on their cabinets and fail to consider the impact of the right kitchen bench. We take our benchtops for granted, but they can add texture, colour and even interest to your decor. It can be a little overwhelming when you start to explore the range of materials, colours, and styles, so here are some tips to help you make your decision.

Set Your Budget:
Just like every other element of your renovation, the cost of kitchen benchtops needs to be considered. Continue reading “Tips for Choosing Kitchen Benchtops”

Key Elements of Industrial Kitchen Design

Key Elements of Industrial Kitchen DesignAn industrial style kitchen has become a fantastic trend in recent years. This has been supported by the appliance industry, with manufacturers releasing “pro” appliances with the features and appearance that you would expect in commercial kitchens. However, many homeowners remain a little confused about industrial kitchen design ideas. So, here we will explore the key elements. Continue reading “Key Elements of Industrial Kitchen Design”

eKitchen Floor Cabinets Are Designed Around You and Your Kitchen

eKitchens make your new kitchen all about you. You choose the colour, style, size and configuration, and then slot it into the designated space. Custom made floor cabinets for the kitchen will suit all kitchens and take away any difficulties with matching appliance and fittings. You can fit the cupboards around your benches and fridge, instead of the other way around.

Optimal Flat Pack Technology
Flat packed eKitchen floor cupboards are designed for flexibility and are built to last with Australian HMR (High Moisture Resistant) 16mm particle board and world class BLUM Inserta Soft Closing Hinges, made in Germany and contributing to the award-winning design. Continue reading “eKitchen Floor Cabinets Are Designed Around You and Your Kitchen”