The Examination Processes of the ASVAB

The Examination Processes of the ASVABThe composites and individual results from the sub-tests dictate the test scores. The most crucial examination score on the ASVAB is the AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test) score. This exam result is the one area that ascertains if you’re qualified to join any specific branch of the military. Every branch of service has their particular requirements in levels of the AFQT score for enlisting into their branch of service. What does this purport? It portends that some branches of service such as the Air force, demands higher AFQT scores for you to be part of their branch of service. The Marines and Army are less demanding on the other hand, this doesn’t mean that that any branch of service is not up to par.

Below is the required AFQT score for the individual military branches:
Navy – 35
Army – 31
Marines – 31
Coast Guard – 45
Air Force – 36

How many variants of the ASVAB are available? There are three editions of the ASVAB, which are the MET ASVAB, Student ASVAB (offered to high school and college students) and the CAT-ASVAB (computer adaptive test). Every version contains specific benefits for the test takers.

1. The MET-site ASVAB – In order for you to take this version of the ASVAB, you would need a referral from a military employment recruiter. This test is offered at Mobile Examination Test venues throughout the country. It has an eight-area examination which is composed of multiple-choice questionnaire with the answers available on a separate piece of paper. You may alter your answers on this assessment as long as you are within the offered period designated in taking the test. You wouldn’t leave the room while other people are taking this assessment. Be sure that you utilize the facilities beforehand or this time won’t be comfortable. Make sure that you answer every question on the assessment. The number of questions you correctly answer determines your overall exam score. The person conducting the test doesn’t score the examination in the premises. The examination results are sent to the local MEPS location for scoring. You are given a sealed envelope to place your unofficial exam scoreof your unofficial exam results with directives to give the sealed envelope to your military recruiter. Your employment agent will share the test results with you upon receiving the official score from MEPS.

2. CAT-ASVAB – This variant of the ASVAB is administered usually to Military recruits. The assessment is computerized and displays questions, scores and records the answers to the examination. It also calculates the AFQT exam score. The computer adaptive test allows flexibility and is administered at MEPS for enlistment purposes. The CAT-ASVAB has an hour and a half period given to do the exam. The assessment is made of ten sub-tests which include subject matter like Auto Shop. The moment you answer a test question correctly, the succeeding question will automatically become harder to answer. If you did not get the right answer, the next question will become less harder within a particular section. You cannot adjust your answers once you choose an answer. This version of the ASVAB allows you to answer the exam at your own time and there isn’t a set time limit in completing the assessment. After you accomplish the test, you may certainly leave the room.

3. Student ASVAB – The Student ASVAB is administered to college and high school students to ascertain their career paths. This edition consists of eight sub-tests and takes approximately 3 hours to finish. The examination results are given to your college or high school educational counselors, which are utilized in analyzing promising future livelihood for students. The section of the Student ASVAB that is marked “interest inventory” figures out your interest with future careers or college majors. The AFQT results associated with this examination is a reflection of your overall test results and may be used when signing up for any of the branches of the military.