Two Ways to Work at Home and Earn More

Two Ways to Work at Home and Earn More

What could probably be the most feasible work at home career you can find online? Each one of us has his/her own opinion for this. As for me, as an author, I would always say there are two most practical work at home careers online – Article Writing and E-book Publishing. Personally, I may be biased because I am an author but I have also based my opinion on some solid research, facts and reviews. You will be able to discover this below.

In the meantime, let me fist describe to you these two careers:

Article Writing: This job is available in almost every online job site you can find. This is a simple job. The employer will ask you to write about a certain topic with a certain number of words. You might be asked to write five articles a day composing of 500 words each. It depends upon the employer.

If you are able to write easily, then you could consider this career. You can write for at least two companies a day. It will actually depend on your speed and capability in writing. This also has one of the highest rates of pay online.

E-book writing and Publishing: This is considered to be one of the most profitable jobs online because books sell like hotcakes online. Hundreds if not thousands of books get sold daily. If you think it is very hard to finish a book, think again because you are wrong. Writing a book is just like talking to a friend in need. Take this for example:

A friend of yours is having a problem on how to babysit a baby sister so she calls you for help. Obviously, you tell her what to do, the pros and cons and the ways of babysitting. The way you would talk to your friend is also the way to write. Do not worry too much about the technicalities; they are only needed when you are going to edit your work.

Although editing is part of the writing process, you can always ask somebody or an editor to edit your work for you.

When you write, choose a topic that would best suit the market you are targeting. As you consider your market, bear in mind also your own interests. These two must go hand in hand for you to be able to write fast, passionately and effectively. How do you do this? Let us see the sample below.

If you are a full- time mother and you love to make different meals for your children before they go to school, you can probably write about how to become a creative mother when it comes to food preparation and presentation. Your market here will obviously be other mothers as well. Since your passion is creative food preparation and presentation, you will target mothers with the same interests or target mothers in general. Surely, every mother would want to prepare their children’s food in the most creative and best way they can.

Writing a book is not that hard if you just pour out everything you know about your topic. The sky is your limit. Write everything you know about the subject or topic. Jot down all your ideas.

Book making does not just end in writing and editing. You also have to make a title and choose a cover and design for your book. This is one of the challenging parts. These three should be eye-magnets. Just remember to be simple.

Research has shown that article and book writing is the most viable work at home career because it is a necessity. People search for information, assistance and entertainment every day and the fastest way to get these is online. Many people are now trying this work at home career, do not be left behind. Join the club of online writers.