Finding A Legitimate Home Based Business In Today’s Connected Age

Finding A Legitimate Home Based Business In Today's Connected Age

Let’s step back for a second. Most people don’t realize today that the world is experiencing a significant historical change. The Industrial Age of trading labor for a paycheck, working 40 hours per week and saving towards retirement is changing. There is a transition happening right now. A transition to a what is called the Connected Age. This Connected Age is a time where people are empowered by technology. “What is done by individuals today wasn’t even possible just 20 years ago.

Companies had to pay millions just to create manufacturing, distribution, communication and marketing channels”, Darren Hardy/Publisher of Success Magazine. Most of these companies Darren Hardy is referring to were small in number which meant that the control of those business channels were handled by very few.

Today, the opportunities of the Connected Age are actually empowering the individual. One person can now create a legitimate home based business that just twenty years ago took millions of dollars and valuable time to create. The Connected Age provides technology that allows a person to create legitimate home based businesses and wealth beyond the Industrial Age opportunities of the past.

    Less Time = More MoneyWork for something = You own itIn today’s economy people out there are looking and just don’t know where to begin.Not having to answer to anyone else but yourself makes having your own legitimate home based business worth the effort.Who wants to work 40 hours per week for someone else when they could work less for the same amount or better.

When talking with successful business owners in today’s economy there are some common statements made. Success in business is never based on a get rich quick scheme or having a successful business is nothing like hitting the lottery. It takes you putting in many hours of work to in order to become a success. There is a better way in today’s Connected Age! Not having to answer to anyone else but yourself makes having your own legitimate home based business worth the effort.

If you are a new entrepreneur out there looking to own your own business, I would suggest the following:

    Find a business opportunity that has low initial investmentLow riskHigh income potentialPartner with an established company or franchise that has a history of successMinimize daily business costsConsider a home based businessStart listening to Jim Rohn