How Different People Are – What Are Your Preferences

How Different People Are - What Are Your Preferences

How different people are in their approach to tackling the planning of a job, or the job itself, whether its large or small. I am a big list writer, I like to plan in advance and know what is happening, even to the extent of having a plan B if it is necessary; whereas my daughter and Granddaughter seem to be happy to leave things to the last moment with virtually no plans.

A colleague makes us laugh as she is so organised, when she goes on holiday she packs her suitcase a week before she goes! I hate to imagine how crushed her clothes must be! I might plan what I’m taking beforehand but the night before is soon enough for me to pack.

It’s the same with being tidy and organised in your surroundings. I hate to be surrounded by mess and clutter, I am not a minimalist by any means but I do like things to be organised.

A pet hate, the last office I worked in was very scruffy, situated in antiquated buildings. There were piles of boxes and stuff in every corner, our desks were piled high with work in progress, and general clutter was everywhere under desks and in every corner. Apart from it probably being a fire hazard I found it a stressful environment to work in. The boss seemed equally disorganised and didn’t seem phased by the clutter, he just ignored it, but he always seemed stressed by life. Does being organized reduce stress and free up time? I’m not sure, but I’m pretty laid back and not much stresses me, so being organized works for me?.

No wonder I decided to set-up my online business and work at home in peace and the tranquillity of my own surroundings. What is your working environment like is it neat and tidy, or bustling with people? Or is it busy but organised and serene? It isn’t until I considered this that I realize how diverse people are in their preferences in all manner of things.

Would you enjoy the freedom of working for yourself at home where you could choose the hours you work and fit it around other activities and your family life?

Affiliate marketing is a simple system for working with a laptop and internet connection. If you find a good mentor who has a desirable range of profitable products, who also offers good training, that is probably the quickest and easiest way to begin online. You get paid when you direct customers to the mentor’s products and they purchase. You don’t need a website, or payment system this is taken care of by your mentor.

Later you can diversify and develop your business in many ways but it is a simple starting point for you to learn the techniques. If this sounds interesting, do some research and begin part-time whilst you have the security and funding from your current work.

I find working at home satisfying and by starting with a mentor there is less to learn initially and you have a proven path to follow. You waste less time and money testing systems that you would need to do if you worked alone.

Affiliate marketing is suitable for almost anyone and can be set-up in many topics, you just have to look for affiliate programs in your chosen niche and check on the support they offer. Begin part-time and enjoy your new hobby and extra income. Its fun and exciting watching your fledgling business grow.

It doesn’t happen overnight, it does take persistence and time to learn new techniques. Enjoy your new hobby business and eventually you can enjoy time freedom.

Books to help you:

“I Can Make You Smarter” by Paul McKenna

“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins

“Building an Online Cash Cow” By Antony Barlow

“Profitable social Media Marketing” by Tim Kitchen and Tashmeem Mirza