How to Organise Your Tall Kitchen Cabinets

You can never have too much space in a kitchen and when youre planning your renovation, its best to give yourself as much cabinet space as possible. When it comes to overhead cabinets, extend them all the way up the ceiling if possible so youre making full use of all the vertical space. But once youre generous overhead cabinets are in, how do you make the best use of the storage space? Lets take a look!

Store rarely used items
Upper cabinets which extend all the way to the ceiling offer more space but theres always the question of what to put up at the top. Unless you want to be standing on tip toes or using a step stool constantly, make sure items you use often are in easy reach. Reserve the upper shelving for those kitchen items that you dont want to get rid of but are used only very infrequently. This could include rarely used appliances and special occasion serving ware.

Keep fragile items out of reach
When it comes to organising your upper cabinets, it makes sense that you keep your fragile items out of harms way. For this reason, most people store their glassware and mugs in overhead storage. This allows for easy access by adults and also means that little hands cant get to the expensive wine glasses! Other fragile items such as vases and decanters can also find a home in the upper cabinets.

Consider storing flatware overhead
While most people store their flatware in the lower cabinets, this means you need to crouch down every time you pull out a plate. In many cases, it makes more sense to store your everyday flatware in the overhead cabinets as this allows for easier access. If you like this idea, make sure that you have enough depth in your overhead cabinets to allow for this as they are often shallower than bottom cabinets.

Set up tea and coffee storage
Most people keep a kettle on the bench and even if youre not into hot beverages yourself, its good to have tea and coffee supplies on hand to offer guests. Rather than keeping your tea and coffee in the pantry, its often more convenient to keep these items in your overhead cabinet nearest to the coffee mugs. Give it a try and see if you like the idea!

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