How To Provide The Needed Motivation For Success With Stickers For Teachers

Even though teachers have used stickers for many decades, this method is still a very powerful way to motivate young children. This is because there are many ways in which one can use stickers as rewards. That means the teacher can come up with as many ways as their creativity can allow them to, and every time there is an alteration, there is a new wave of motivation. Here are some of the things you may do with stickers for teachers.

Personalising the stickers

Students get very excited when their names are mentioned as achievers. In a real sense, they mind more about the recognition rather than the value of the present. This idea can be used when designing the reward stickers. Instead of giving a well performing learner a sticker that only states their achievement, the sticker can be personalised to bear the name of that student. It makes them feel that it was custom made for them and that they are not receiving something that anyone else could have received.

Customising primary teaching stickers goes further than just embedding the name of the student on it. It should also contain the patterns, image and colours that appeal to the student in question. Let them have what they love such that they feel it is indeed theirs. The ownership makes them feel honoured and highly motivated.

Creating a poster board

Traditionally, teachers used to put stickers on the test papers of the well performing students. That was surely a nice way of showing the achievers that their efforts are recognised. That can still be done today but there are more creative ways of using this same motivational technique in a new way. Think of creating poster boards.

A poster board is a chart that can be clearly displayed in the classroom. It would contain the names of the students that perform well, alongside the congratulatory stickers. Every time the student shows exemplary performance in any field, a sticker is added to their name in recognition. Nothing would bring happiness to a child as seeing the number of stickers alongside their name increase. This is actually what a teacher needs to do to motivate the children to compete positively.

Giving a sticker book

At the beginning of every term, the teacher can give each of her students a sticker book. For every job that the student does well, the teacher provides a sticker that the child adds to their book. It would not only be fun for the child to collect a large number of stickers for their book, but also a motivation to have the most of them. The child would want to show their friends the increasing number of stickers in their book.

It may be argued that this method has the same effects as the use of a poster board but there is a great difference. With a book, the child can carry it with them outside the classroom and get to show it to parents who may not have had the chance to visit their classroom, and to friends from other schools.

Developing the learners’ talents

The good thing about stickers as a way to reward learners is that they are not limited to rewarding exemplary classroom performance only. They can also be used to reward learners who do well in sports, creative arts, music performance, or those that act or participate in a helpful way in various other fields. There are those activities whose participants are rewarded with children’s certificates. A great way to enhance such rewards would be to add stickers to the certificates of participants with outstanding contributions.

There are a hundred and one types of rewards that can be used today. The reason why the use of primary teaching stickers stands out among those other reward methods is the fact that it has lasting positive effects. Studies show that the schools that use stickers for teachers produce learners that remain motivated even long after the rewards were provided.