This Year Is on Roller-Skates!

This Year Is on Roller-Skates!

This year is on roller-skates, I cannot believe it will soon be August. I know they say the years pass more quickly as you get older but this one seems to be an express train.

So far this year we have paid a deposit on a house in Spain, (and are waiting for a house here to sell, not so good!) My Granddaughter has almost completed her university course, another Granddaughter and her mother have been made redundant when a firm closed, and have found other jobs, we have also had a wedding! Phew can’t wait to get to Spain and relax! I’m told life runs at a slower pace there!

Is your life running away from you, day following day, without you noticing. Time can’t be halted, the clock keeps ticking, but are you making the most of your life? Plan you future; are you following your dreams, or just working, working, working, until retirement and that wooden box? Scary thought isn’t it?

Take control of your life, what would you rather be doing? What would you love to do but don’t dare, or you put off continually? If you watch “Place in the Sun” type programs you often see situations where it takes narrowly escaping a heart attack to make people re-evaluate their lives, and follow their dreams.

What is the dream you keep ignoring? When you get a rise you will… or when the children are older; or when you retire; well with the current changed retirement age you might never get to follow your dreams.

Do it now, make a plan and work out a way to follow your desires; everyone could benefit if you only discussed it, they might love the idea. Don’t go to your box with regrets, have fun, we only have a short time on this earth, make it count!

Would you travel, live in another country; retire by fishing lakes, or start a business and work at home? Most things are possible if you want them enough, make a plan and stick with it until completion. Do some research and get started on your plan.

It can be a bit scary, but worth it; we are moving to Spain for our winters this Autumn, where I will run a little affiliate marketing business at home in my spare time. I only need a laptop and internet connection, oh and my printer as I don’t like reading from mechanical devices!

Our new life has taken a few years to plan and activate, but soon it should be a reality. We will share our future findings with you. What are your dreams, don’t wait for a mid-life crisis or some other event to motivate you, research and start planning your future now, enjoy the preparation and good luck with your new venture.

Invest is some books, to give you ideas, or look at books and magazines in your bookstore or local library. Make the next few months exciting choosing your future plans.

Books to motivate you:

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers.

“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins.

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy.

“Getting what you Want” By J H Brennan.

“Building an online Cash Cow” by Anthony Barlow