What Is Your Problem – Why Haven’t You Moved?

What Is Your Problem - Why Haven't You Moved?

Have you felt frustrated with the progression and growth of your business? Do you feel stuck and unsure about making a decision to take a step? Do you lack the knowledge needed for an explosion? Do you feel overwhelmed with what the next steps should be?

When I began to brand myself online and to grow our Network Marketing company this way it was new territory for my wife and I. We had never accomplished what we set out to accomplish but we did not make any excuses. We took the knowledge that we had and began to network with individuals who we wanted to have similar success as. It is funny, although we had never done this before we had a vision as to what we thought it would look like and began to take steps in that direction. As we took the steps we began to learn more and more about this manner of marketing and things began to take shape. We consulted individuals who had been doing this form or marketing and they helped direct us accordingly and we made adjustments along the way. But never did we make excuses for not getting or doing and neither should you.

I tell you this little story because so many people complain that they don’t know how to do this or that or say If I were only good at this or that then I’d really get it going.The reality is these statements are tools of incompetence and incompetence is a sign of weakness and you cannot be weak on this journey. These statements will guarantee that one will stay stuck and struggling.

The rub here is that just like my wife and I, if there are skills you need to acquire to move your income to the next level, you have 4 choices.

1. Do NOTHING, which we chose to not even humor.

2. A more popular choice is to throw your hands up in the air and wave them like you just don’t care. No pun intended, but there are those who throw their hands up and just quit.

3. Figure it out just like we did. Learn it. Get a tutorial, a book, buy a course, Go to Google, YouTube, whatever the method, just get it done.

4. Get help. Ask somebody. My wife and I outsourced a portion of the things we needed such as logo design, SEO optimization, etc. There are many sources you could use such as FIVERR.com. The money was well spent because we didn’t have a major learning curve and we knew that the work was going to be done well the first time.

You would not believe how many people will do absolutely nothing because they believe they are a lost cause because they don’t know how. It does not have to be that way. My wife told me that within the year she is going to be fluent in Spanish. Do you know what she did? She went to the library and checked out some tapes for children and has now been speaking enough around the house that my children and I have picked up on some key phrases.

It may be frightening to enter into the area of the unknown, but if you want to be productive and viable in society you have to do something. I know that picking up the phone to make calls, prospecting, doing a presentation, setting up an auto response or setting up capture pages seems like an impossible task. But there is hope. You do not have to be stagnant in anything or feel that your only option is to quit. There is help for you no matter what the obstacle. You just have to take the step to get the help because there are hundreds of step-by-step video tutorials on virtually ANYTHING you can think of? You just have to have the initiative to go and get it.

You can find help in every area of your business that you are not very well versed. If you can pay someone to mow your lawn or clean your house then you can do the same for your business. You can hire a coach, you can read a book written by someone who has done what you want to accomplish, you can attend a seminar and take notes and actually apply them. What you cannot do is sit and do nothing because your business, your income, your livelihood and most importantly you will suffer. If you want a change in your life don’t make excuses do whatever it takes to get it done. Pay someone, learn it, ask someone but do not be part of the 95% who choose to be a member of the do nothings crew.

Choose to be part of the remaining 5% that are at the top of their game. ALWAYS choose the option that will move your life forward. You can either make excuses or make money but you cannot do both. Choose to have PURPOSE DIRECTED SUCCESS today.