Who Wants to Work ‘Till They’re 70 Unless They Love What They Are Doing?

Job satisfaction is the answer. If you love your job you don’t feel like you are working, your life is filled with pleasure and enthusiasm for what you do. If your health allows you to continue working that is perfect. Does YOUR work offer you that feeling?

Think of actors, writers, artists, musicians, and some people all kinds of work, they seem to excel as they get older. Work becomes an integral part of their lives that they would miss if they had to give it up. Work gives them enjoyment satisfaction purpose and meaning to their lives, and fulfillment.

When I visit my local supermarket there is an elderly gentleman, I would think well past retirement age pushing trolleys laden with goods, sorting frozen items with his gloves on, and stacking shelves. He always looks contented and happy in his work. Now maybe he is working because he needs the money, or maybe his main reason is because he likes being there, feeling needed, giving purpose to his life. I hope it is the latter reason! We might think he is performing menial tasks, but to him it seems to be satisfying, he is pleased to be doing it and having a job.

If you are not satisfied by your work or would like to plan ahead for an exciting retirement, developing a hobby or interest that will give you a purpose in later years, why not start a hobby business part-time now? Begin whilst you have an income from your current work committing a few hours a week to build it.

An online business is suitable for almost anyone prepared to learn some new skills. You don’t need to be particularly competent or technical right now, just willing to learn and determined to succeed at your new venture.

Affiliate Marketing is probably the simplest and easiest online business, you simply send prospective customers to other people’s products and get paid for doing it! Letting these companies take care of selling, delivery and customer care. That way you only have to learn about directing customers (sending traffic). You don’t even need a website unless you choose to create one.

You just decide on a hobby or interest, something you are passionate about, and would enjoy discovering more about and enriching your life. There are many companies in most niches looking for affiliates. Affiliate programmes exist in all fields of interest.

Take a look at magazine racks, book-stores and the local library for suggestions and discover an interest or hobby that you could turn into a fascinating business for your future retirement.

Books that might interest you:

“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins, a favourite of mine.

“From Newbie to Millionaire” by Christine Clayfield, many very good reviews.

Building an Online Cash Cow” By Anthony Barlow, a very popular book.

The Which Guide “Buying Property Abroad” something to think about for your retirement!