Why Are Articles on Online Business, Internet Marketing and Work at Home So Popular?

I have just Googled the 3 topics in the title to find the combined total of people searching today are 8,3737,000,000 in fact my calculator couldn’t give me the figure I had to calculate it manually. What is the current obsession with working at home all about? Why does everyone want to work both at home and on the internet? I also typed in I need a job: 1,500,000,000 – this is the comparison number that turned up.

What are the benefits I find from working at home on the internet?

Time flexibility – I can fit my working hours around other happenings, take days off when required, and I don’t have to get anyone else’s permission. However I have a strong work ethic so I am likely to put in more time that I would working for others.

I enjoy my work – Because what I do is enjoyable, I am also likely to put in more time anyway, it is a hobby business something I chose to do. Work doesn’t feel a chore when you enjoy what you are doing.

Autonomy – I make the decisions I am not doing something the way someone else wants it done!

Unlimited earning potential – There is potential to grow my business to the extent I choose according to the time effort I decide to invest and the correct decisions I make.

Peace and quiet – I can choose my work surroundings, I don’t have to work in the hubbub of a busy sales office. (Others may find the quiet a disadvantage)!

Less disturbance – from others when I’m working so that my work time is more concentrated and productive.

Learning new techniques – learning new things and deciding what I choose to learn in what order.

Looking at the above reasons I see for me it is the autonomy and making my own decisions that appeals to me most. However I would recommend a good mentor so that you follow a proven system, there is room for autonomy within the structure.

Disadvantages – Growing a business takes time you won’t be earning initially, it takes a while to be financially productive, dependent on your initial skill set, time you invest and the decisions you make. Treat it as a hobby initially and retain your job, you will need the income.

If you have a good mentor, providing good products, with a proven track record and you begin by introducing new customers whilst you learn, you will minimize the cost and time wastage of leaning alone. This system is called affiliate marketing and is a good grounding for working online.

By selling your mentors products you don’t need your own website, you direct people to your mentors sales pages with your own personal link to get paid. Therefore concentrating your efforts on marketing rather than building a website, taking payments or looking after your customers, this is done for you.

Later you will want to build your own list of happy customers, learn email marketing, and set up an auto-responder to communicate with your customers and gain their trust and loyalty.

You will want to learn other marketing techniques to bring customers to your websites there are so many ways you can develop traffic: PPC, Facebook marketing, video marketing, content marketing, SEO and many more. Initially you choose a couple that appeal to you and develop more over time.

It is a fascinating industry with a great deal to learn and fantastic potential. Start in your spare-time as a hobby business whist you have an income and watch your business flourish and enjoy your new hobby.

Books that might interest you:

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers.

“Thank God it’s Monday” by Charles Cameron and Suzanne Elusor, a book to offer strategies for making life more tolerable whilst you make changes.

“Laptop Millionaire” by Mark Anastasi.

“Building an Online Cash Cow” by Anthony Barlow.